I've been collecting pedigrees for lots and lots of years. This site is specialised in Welsh Ponies.

At this moment I have 11500 pedigrees, but more is on it's way.

Behind the scenes

I'm a girl with a passion for Welsh. I've been working at a Welsh Cob stud for a year, but am now in Uni. As a student I don't have the ability to own a Welsh, so by running these sites I get to see a lot of different bloodlines and find out which ones I like.

Collecting pedigrees was something I did for my own sake at first. Hoping there are more "pedigree-freaks" and others out there who would be interested in a Welsh database, I published these sites.

I hope you enjoy it, and come back regulary as I update regulary.


2/7 2009

Finally an update, and a big one! Ive added ponies from Australia and have now 2250 stallions, 7000 mares and 2300 geldings.

30/6 2009

I've added some photos today. Lovely welsh ponies.

14/10 2008

Another 1080 pedigrees have been added today. Almost 400 new stallions, 600 new mares and 80 new geldings. Most of them are from Canada.